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Aquatic Activities

Water sports near our hirings, enjoy !

Our residential estate "La Ferme du Gros Noyer" is located in Malaucène surrounded by cherry orchards. You are accommodated in magnificent gites all comfort referenced to the gîte de france ****, key vancance, welcome to the farm and bike tourism.

Near our hirings is the "Spa Ventoux Provence", ideal for relaxing or playing sports! It's up to you to choose among the different services!

Lovers of sport can throw themselves into the water to spend! Aqua Bike or Aqua Gym and why not both!

Enjoy your holidays to appreciate the benefits of sports in the water ...



Aqua Bike

The aquabike is simply cycling in the water.

And it changes everything: "maximum result for a minimum of effort".

It can be estimated that half an hour of aqua bike is equivalent to an hour and a half of biking on land.

The cardio-vascular virtues are still there, but the resistance of the water results in a different effort, it improves endurance. The muscles of the calves, the thighs, the buttocks, to the abs and to the spine, are well sought after. The course is supervised by a sports coach.

Pedaling in water produces motions of water that will massage you. Through this massage, the skin tightens and the cellulite disappears. The more you pedal, the more the movements of the water increase and the massage becomes more and more effective. It is also a cure of youth for the heavy legs.

Aquabike offers countless health benefits on the one hand, and on the other hand for the body, it helps fight water retention and eliminate toxins. Moreover, the muscular pains are minimal and the joints are spared.



Aqua Gym

This activity is a great way to combine relaxation and pleasure of the pool and the benefits of a sporting activity. The aqua gym allows to refine its silhouette, to relieve its back, to lighten its legs and to remain in shape! The exercises are done in a basin where you walk, so it is not necessary to know how to swim.

Aquagym strengthens your muscular and articular flexibility, because it allows you to perform in the water, movements that you would be impossible to realize in the open air. Aquagym is accessible to all including pregnant women, except for special contraindications.

It is a strength training method that uses the resistance of water and the slightest gravity. The benefits of aquatic gymnastics are muscular (aquagym solicits all the muscles: abs, gluteus, thighs, shoulders ...) and cardio-vascular (improvement of the breath). The pressure of the water also promotes venous return and relieves the heavy legs.